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Cooking is a mechanic in Mist Survival allowing players to consume food harvested from animals by heating them to an edible condition.

Cooking can be accomplished through a Grill and the Cooking Pot which both require a lit camp fire beneath it.

Cooking Pot[edit | edit source]

Cooking Pot.jpg

The cooking pot is used to make Meat Stew and Vegetable Stew

As well the cooking pot can be used to Render Fat for Low-Grade Fuel.

List of Recipes

Grill[edit | edit source]

Grill in-game

Grill Stand.jpg

Be careful, as you'll have to watch it carefully - the food's conditions changes quite rapidly and can quickly reach burned if no attention is paid.

List of Recipes

Conditions of food[edit | edit source]

Food has multiple conditions, generally the best to eat is the "Well Done" one.

Raw: Food that has not been cooked at all. Should not be eaten.

Medium: Food that has been slightly cooked and can be eaten.

Well Done: Food that has been cooked well and can be safely eaten. It is the best condition to keep the food at.

Burned: Food that has been overcooked and can be eaten but does not provide as much as the other stages.