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General[edit | edit source]

In Mist you are able to farm two different vegetables. Corn and tomatoes are available as seeds in game. They can be found at different locations in game and most commonly spawn in bandit camps.

Take care with the seeds as they do not respawn and you cannot produce them.

You can also use the harvest function in the inventory window to harvest a random amount of seeds (0-3 seeds) for each piece of corn/tomato.

Grown plants will drop a random amount of seeds -- normally one seed but 2 or 0 are possible.

Corn[edit | edit source]

Corn is an edible source in the game. However it does not restore much food nor hydration.

Most of the time it is used for cooking.

Corn can be found as a seed ingame.

This seed needs to be planted in a crop furrow.

Corn will take 8 days to grow. For further information check out the farming guide.

DO NOT harvest the corn too early as you will receive new seeds only from fully grown plants.