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The Current world Map, use this with the directions below

A list of all locations with pictures as well information about that specific area.

Common areas[edit | edit source]

Bandit Camps[edit | edit source]

Found close to the Military Silo. Found at the roadblock on along the main road. Found close to the Motel near first spawn and directly south of the Farm.
BandCamp.jpg BandRoad.jpg BandHut.jpg
Found at one of the Main road ends. Bandit Sniper can be found here. Found along the Main road before the turn left to the Large Town.
BandDrill.jpg BandTower.jpg

These bandit camps are where bandits spawn, as well some contain survivors. Bandits have weapons consisting of Pistols, M4_Rifles and Benelli Novas. Stealth is advised.

Fire Towers[edit | edit source]


Fire towers are plotted around and on the central mountains. One looks over the farming land, another located in the forests between the farms and the cavern, while the other looks over the Estate. There is a fourth tower although there is Bandit Camp constructed around it, which contains a Survivor.

Motels[edit | edit source]


The Motel is intended to be a little introduction to the player with resources and car parts used to prepare the player for the larger world, while the infected are a little insight into the enemy's consisting in this world.

One of the Motels are found near where the player first spawns, while the other is located at the Large Town.

While the one at the Large Town currently does not have any loot spawned inside the other one does. This can range from scrap and components to car parts to weapons such as the TT-33 Pistol.

The Motel near spawn has three loot-able cars which usually spawn with a 3 tyres, Car Battery, and a spark plug although a Car Engine has a small possibility to spawn.

Inside the main Motel rooms are loot such as food, medicine and components, although on the first room on the second floor, three infected are found inside. When defeated, the player can find ammo and the said TT-33 Pistol.

Radio Towers[edit | edit source]

Found at the Military Silo base. Found between the Silo base and one of the Bandit Camps. Found at the spawn Motel Found on top of the mountain in the middle of the map.
RadioTower silobase.jpg RadioTower hill.jpg RadioTower motel.jpg RadioTower mountain.jpg

At the base of theses towers there can be scrap and components.

There is no current use for the towers.

Military Tunnels[edit | edit source]

Found Next to the Bandit Camp roadblock, on the side of the mountain.

MilitaryTunnel silo-entrance.jpgMilitaryTunnel silo-in.jpgMilitaryTunnel silo-elevator.jpg

Found under the Military Silo

MilitaryTunnel trafic-entrance.jpgMilitaryTunnel trafic-in.jpg

No loot is found inside or outside of these Military Tunnel

Currently there the Tunnels do not lead anywhere.

Scattered Buildings[edit | edit source]

Found on the west band of the main road, close to the Tunnel. Found along the South band of the main road, past the garage/
Scattered Building Group.jpg Scatured Building South.jpg

These Scattered Buildings contain scrap and components, food and water.

Water Towers[edit | edit source]

WaterTower gas.jpgWaterTower motel.jpgWaterTower whitehouse.jpgWaterTower Bandit.jpgWaterTower Farm1.jpgWaterTower Farm2.jpgWaterTower Forest.jpg

Mostly ever Water Tower has Gear, such as SWAT Helmets and Vest Armour, found at the top.

Specific locations[edit | edit source]

Cave/Mine[edit | edit source]

CaveFront.jpgCaveGate.jpgCaveEntrance.jpg Outside

Cave.png Inside


Here is a Map of the cave.

The cave is located between the Estate and the farms, directly north.

The Front of the cave is next to the road with a little building and 2 yellow tents. From the little building a yellow tube will extend out, which when followed, will directed the player to the 'gate'. On continuing to follow the yellow tube which appears on the side of the gate will be the Cave entrance it self.

Located inside will be ores including Gold Ore, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Zinc Ore.

Continuing will lead the player to the Berserkers lair which when defeated will lead to more higher tier ore.

More Information/Tutorial.

Estate[edit | edit source]



The Estate is found directly north and consists of around 10 houses, most of which are double floored. On its south mountain side a Fire Tower located

The main entrance is from the main road, although the Estate can be accessed nearly from any direction as many paths separate out to and from.

The building contains a large variety of loot, from Components to a range of weapons. Although with this, many infected lace the houses so caution is advised. On the Estate there are two drivable cars

Farm[edit | edit source]

Farm Field.jpgFarm Barn.jpg


The Farm is found on the western side of the map where it covers a large proportion.

The main loot is found inside the Farm House where the player can find two inventory slot upgrades, one inside the the barn to the left of the house, and another inside a closet right through the garage entrance, but both have locked doors so require a crowbar or lock-pick. Although inside the house are a few Infected.

The Farm is also one of two place in the map which has a blacksmith and forge already setup, as one of the Bandit Camps has one found inside.

The Farm no longer exist and is replaced with the sawmills.

Garage[edit | edit source]

Found on the south band of the main road, followed after the Motel near first spawn.

Garage.jpgGarage Inside.jpg

The Garage contains a Workbench as well car parts such as a Car Battery and an Car Engine.

Gas Station[edit | edit source]



The Garage contains a Workbench.

Inside are supply like scrap and components to car parts such as the an Engine, Tires and Spark Plugs, As well as some food and water.

The Gas station is found close to the Oil Rig Bandit camp, where Bandits have a chance to walk around to the Gas station, so caution is advised or in front of The Motel.

Large Town[edit | edit source]



The Large town is located in the North East corner and has only one entrance of that being the main road.

The town is a haven for high tier materials and tools as it has nearly every possible type of loot located through out the homes, stores and garages which many are two or even three storied buildings. Many static cars also lay around the streets, so there is a good source of scrap and components. Near the edge of the town is a school which in the future, should contain a large amount of high tier loot.

With this there is a wide amount of Infected as well Bandits which roam around behind and on streets, although there is no Bandit base located there. This is a high risk area for the Mist.

Military Silo[edit | edit source]

Military SiloMap.jpg


The Military Silo is found in the south sitting on a mountain side. The Base's only entrance is located on its east side, which is due to high cliffs blocking entrance from the other directions.

The silo consists many various containers on one of its side, while on the other is the entrance which has 2 security posts, also here is a garage and 3 Military tents. In the centre there is a barely open silo door accompanied by 2 warehouses, one in which contains 'spores'.

Inside the Base there can be found scrap, components, cloth and some ammo, yet there are no Infected present anywhere near the base.

There is no entrance into the actual silo, although on the east side, there is a little blast door which leads to an elevator shaft which could possibly be a future entrance.

Pods which appear to contain eggs can be found Inside the first warehouse on the right when entering the silo area, it is likely that these are related to the mist.

Tunnel[edit | edit source]

Tunnel Entrance.jpg Entrance

Tunnel Camp.jpg Camp


The tunnel is fount in the North West corner of the world.

Around the tunnel, walls are found erected around the entrance which consists of the same Wooden Wall model indicating possible past survivors such as the layer used to live there. As for the entrance itself, it is blocked off with these same walls and there is no current way inside.

Inside the wall compound there is a Camp, consisting of 3 caravans and a Destructible vehicle as well as some loot spawns mainly consisting of scrap and components. A knife and some food can be found on the middle picnic table in the centre of camp.