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Currently known canon[edit | edit source]

(Displayed at the beginning on the game)

3 years ago mysterious thing happened. Many areas of the world were covered by mysterious mist. Many people got sick and died. People who survived without immunity had side effects. They became something ferocious. They would turn maniac when they are touched by fog or found any other lives that could be their food, like humans.

Quote from the Developer Interview:

The story will be revealed later. Which is about two alien species. And the origin of the Mist. The egg is really the adjustable atmosphere that the alien sent down. Adjust the weather to the world as it needs.

Player Lore[edit | edit source]

(Displayed at the beginning on the game)

You have immunity and survived at the time. The camp where you lived is currently attacked by some creatures which you've never seen before, you survived the attack and run away...

Secrets[edit | edit source]

'Spores' located at the secret Military Silo.


Estimates for Lore[edit | edit source]

  • Cause of Mist: Military experiment? due to the 'spores' being located in a Military Silo Interview included about two aliens, Spores changing the atmosphere.
  • Location: Northern Hemisphere, North America or Northern Europe.
  • Date: Definitely after May 1991, the release of the M4A1 Rifle.
  • Player: Has some sort of military and mechanical experience since the player was a wide crafting knowledge.