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Below Road Maps were since August 31st 2018. Newest Road Map (0.3.x - 0.4.x) updated on August 12th 2019. For full and detail updates and bug fixes, see Updates.

0.1.x[edit | edit source]

This version is all about bug fixing and getting the various gameplay mechanics balanced. I won’t be adding any new content for this version as I want to ensure the game as it stands provides a solid foundation as I move forward. Of course, this does not mean everything will be set in stone during this version, but it is the primary focus.

0.2.x[edit | edit source]

This version is where new gameplay mechanics and new content will be added. To give you an example of upcoming content this version of the game will introduce the mining mechanic as well as two new breeds of infected, the ‘Berserker’ and the ‘Tank’. In short, I’ll be bringing in the following additional content throughout this phase of development:

  • New map location: To include a mine
  • New gameplay mechanic: Fully functional mining system
  • Additional craftable items: New tools, survival equipment and craftable building parts
  • A new weapon type: The hunting rifle
  • New infected: The ‘Berserker’ and the ‘Tank’.

0.3.x[edit | edit source]

This version will focus heavily on advancing the survival systems and adding gameplay variety with the addition of new fauna types, along with the addition of a farming element:

  • New wildlife: Deer and wolves
  • New gameplay mechanic: Fully functional fishing system
  • New gameplay mechanic: Fully functional crop system
  • New gameplay mechanic: Fully functional traps. To include fish and bear traps.

0.3.x - 0.4.x[edit | edit source]

Basic System[edit | edit source]

  • Bug fix!
  • Save slot

Gameplay Mechanics[edit | edit source]

  • Character abilities : Players can unlock additional abilities such as
    • Hunting skill : unlock by collect survival book [Effect : player will able to harvest more hidden materials from animals body].
    • Strength : Frequently cutting wood or using melee weapons [Effect : Attack speed increase]
  • Farming and livestock improvement
  • Add FPS Legs
  • Gun Customize
  • Cars improvement
  • More vehicles
  • Garage and vehicles customize
  • Quick time event (Infected can catch you)
  • Fishing
  • Map and marker (not a real time mini map)

AI[edit | edit source]

  • Re-Create infected stage 2, Both concept and 3D model
  • Survivors NPC Improvement : more interactive choice, behavior improvement, New Models and animations
  • Infected Tank

Quest[edit | edit source]

There will be side quest, mini quest that you can received from NPC or dynamic event. (few quest for experimentation)

Puzzle[edit | edit source]

There will be puzzle in the game, such as

  • Find the password to unlock the door,
  • Fuse box quest

World event[edit | edit source]

  • Bandits raid
  • Infected horde raid (experimental, actually this feature need some more defensive stuff first)
  • Dynamic loots point event, Such as car crash point (other survivors)

Map, level, and visual upgrade[edit | edit source]

  • New mine level design
  • Abandon school
  • New town level design, and building models
  • New house models
  • Secret lab
  • New Region : Actually, this is part of the main mission. You have to complete it before you can travel to this area. This will be added for test and experimentation first.