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Information[edit | edit source]

Throughout the world there are currently 3 survivors to save, which are all held in bandit controlled areas. When rescued, survivors will automatically arrive at your base.

Survivors also have an inventory of 15 slots which you can use to store loot or give food or water for survivors to eat and drink.

Behavior[edit | edit source]

Survivors have a few uses, being completing crafting tasks on workbenches, cooking pots, saw machines, stumps and the blacksmith, which allows players to save time from having these activities done by survivors.

In addition to that, if you equip a survivor with either a rifle, a pistol or a melee weapon, they will shoot any Infected which lurk into their view.

Scott[edit | edit source]

Scott is the first survivor with an assignable task.

If you place an axe in Scott's inventory and start talking with him you can tell him to cut down trees.

He can then collect the logs, stop the work once his inventory is full, pickup leafs and leave the stump.

If Scott has an axe and is able to reach trees he will then start to cut down trees.

Types of Survivors: On spawn you get a random 3 Survivors, consisting of:

Rachel Kate Scott
Rachel.png Kate.png Scott.png
Nurse: Gun Trained, Sniper, Close Combat Trained Soldier: Close Combat Trained, Gun Trained, Sniper Soldier: Gun Trained