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This is a list of all current and past weapons in the game.

Current Weapon List[edit | edit source]

Hand Grenade.png

Handheld Grenade

A throw-able object which explodes after 3 seconds.


Colt 1911

A Semi-Automatic pistol, very similar ro the Glock-18 Semi.



A single shot pistol.

M4 Rifle2.png

M4 Rifle

A fully automatic assault rifle using 5.56x45mm ammunition.

Benelli Nova.png

Benelli Nova

A semi automatic shotgun capable of causing large amounts of damage at close quarters.

Hunting Rifle.png

Sako 85 Hunting Rifle

An extremely accurate hunting rifle with a scope attached.

Basic Bow.png


Bows are silent and extremely lethal weapons using arrows.



A large axe capable of cutting right through the objects it's facing.


Combat Knife

A knife made for causing fatal damage on it's target.

American Eagle.png

American Eagle

A long sword-like object capable of cutting through many things.

Removed Weapon List (Legacy)[edit | edit source]